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Talent Management

Talent Management

Mentorprise supports organizations in HR Management. By Searching and Recruiting the desired talent (Professional Recruitment), with external expertise and temporary solutions (Bridge Management), and by focussing on Talent Management, within and outside the organization. This business pillar consists of Assessment Centers, Emotional Intelligence measurement (EQ-i 2.0), various HR & Management Training programs, Leadership Coaching, HR Consultancy, Career Guidance (Loopbaanbegeleiding) and Outplacement.

Mentorprise guides +500 candidates a year within one of our Talent Management programs, a number that is ever growing. Our developed methods and team of Coaches, Consultants and Psychologists guarantee a proper implementation and guidance of any Talent Management matter. Read more about our Talent Management possibilities on this page and/or contact our COO, Jeroen De Maeyer directly to pop your question.

Think future, think growth, think Mentorprise.

Your contact person
Your contact personJeroen De Maeyer | COO - Creator Of Opportunities

HR Consultancy

Our TM Consultants support and advice you with selecting, measuring, integrating, coaching and guiding internal and external talent. When it comes to HR Consultancy, we also measure, guide and advice you throughout the organisational and strategic HR structures itself. The clients objectives, mission, vision and values are the starting point to identify the needs and proper answers for our mission. We offer 360° tailor-made services.

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The following expertises  give you an indication of what the possibilities are: #Communication Policy #Competence Dictionary #HR Audit   #Job Classification #Job Descriptions #Performance Interviews #Personnel Procedures    #Retention Management #Staff Satisfaction Survey #Salary Policy

Emotional Intelligence

Every day, we face a variety of challenges in the workplace: making decisions, meeting deadlines and completing tasks. But how often are we held back by problems caused by pressure, poor communication and unclear objectives? Whether you want to assess a first-stage candidate or a long-term employee, exploring their EQ-i will help you get the most from them. This is where Mentorprise can really make a difference  for you.

EQ-i is the core of our Development Center (Training, Coaching, Leadership, Career Guidance, Outplacement) and our Assessment Center (Testing, Screening, Recruiting, evaluation), that has been formed over a period of +25 years of HR and Management activity. We focus on C-level candidates and Expert profiles.

EQ-i 2.0

Employee wellbeing


A record number of Belgian employees is absent for a long period of time (burnout, depression, bore-out,…). Time to implement an active well-being policy says Federgon, the federation of HR service providers in Belgium. More than ever, companies should cherish the talent they have in-house. With motivated employees, companies are able to make a difference in their market. Mentorprise forms a Wellbeing platform within Federgon. This platform will guide Government & businesses in the right direction! Mentorprise can make a difference for you and your people.

Contact us today to talk about wellbeing!

Loopbaanbegeleiding met de loopbaancheques van de Vlaamse Overheid

Een Mentorprise Loopbaanbegeleiding biedt ondersteuning, inzicht en perspectief in kader van je professionele loopbaan. Een Loopbaanbegeleiding met de loopbaancheques van de Vlaamse Overheid, is steeds individueel. Dit wil zeggen dat je één Coach toegewezen krijgt die met jouw specifieke vragen en noden aan de slag gaat.

Een loopbaanbegeleiding bestaat uit 4 sessies van telkens 1 uur en start met een warme kennismaking tussen jezelf en de Loopbaancoach. Tussen de verschillende sessies door, ga jij aan de slag met diverse oefeningen die gaan over competenties, talenten, interesses, passies, sterktes, ontwikkelpunten, van dromen naar realiteit, work/life balans, … en zo verder. Het is jouw persoonlijke loopbaanbegeleiding!

Wat zijn de voorwaarden om te kunnen genieten van loopbaanbegeleiding met loopbaancheques?

  • Je bent minimum 1 jaar deeltijds of voltijds aan het werk als werknemer of zelfstandige.
  • Je hebt de voorbije 6 jaar nog geen loopbaanbegeleiding gevolgd.
  • Je bent werkzaam in Vlaanderen of Brussel (ook geldig voor mensen die in een andere EU of EER land wonen).

Informatie en/of bestellen van de Loopbaancheques doe je via VDAB. Klik op het logo hiernaast om naar de juiste webpagina te gaan.

Bel 015 73 08 50 voor meer informatie en/of het inplannen van een kennismaking!

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