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Bridge Management

Are you expanding, restructuring or in the mids of a major change in your organisation? Our team of (temporary) Bridge Managers have specific and recognized expertise, are available immediately and are quickly and successfully integrated.

Tailored to your specific needs, we present you the matching Bridge Manager with the needed expertise, always backed-up by a Counsellor and our team of Management Consultants that will fulfill your expectations. Teamwork, expertise and the right match are essential keys in our Bridge Management service. 

Our focus areas

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Crisis Management

We provide organisations with experienced and immediately available leaders who can swiftly address critical issues. Our Bridge Management executives offer a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to guide companies through turbulent times. Their flexible, short-term engagements are designed to stabilize operations, make tough decisions, and implement vital changes, ultimately steering the organization back towards stability and growth.

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Turnaround & Restructuring

Mentorprise Bridge Management brings in seasoned professionals who specialize in implementing transformative change. They assess the current situation, swiftly identify areas of improvement, and develop and execute effective turnaround strategies. Their temporary yet intense involvement is geared towards revitalizing struggling businesses, optimizing operations, and positioning the company for sustainable success.

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Performance Improvement

Our (temporary) Bridge Management is a dynamic solution for enhancing performance within organizations, leveraging the expertise of experienced leaders to drive immediate improvements. Our people can quickly assess operational inefficiencies, implement performance-enhancing strategies, and optimize workflows, resulting in increased productivity and profitability. Their focused, results-oriented approach facilitates swift and sustainable performance gains.

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Digital Transformation

In need for strategic solutions for navigating the complex terrain of digital transformation? Our Bridge Management executives with digital expertise can guide organisations in developing and executing digital strategies, adopting emerging technologies, and fostering a culture of innovation. Their short-term engagements help accelerate the digital journey, ensuring companies remain competitive and agile in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Our Methodology

1. Trust & insight

Alongside the quality of our work, trust is one of our most important principles. Our clients share difficult, sensitive, and confidential challenges with us. We meet the necessary level of trust with a high degree of professionalism. We act according to clear and ethical principles.

With a thorough intake, we gain insight and understanding of the existing situation and your reason for looking for a Bridge Management solution. We formulate our tailored expert advice on how to reach the desired goalsetting.

2. Profiling & Matching

Taking step 1 is crucial to define the profile of the matching Bridge Manager. As Executive search experts, we make use of our “ASSET” methodology, which creates an unprecedented competitive advantage for us and our clients, when profiling, searching and matching the best Executive and Expert talent.

We approach and select suitable candidates based on their career, training, expert knowledge and performance in face-to-face interviews. This is followed by a presentation of the profiles in written form.  The Bridge Managers whom are the best match, will be presented in person.

3. Goalsetting & Follow-up

When starting the project, the client, The Bridge Manager and Mentorprise work out a basic task specification to clearly establish the extent and type of tasks to be carried out (Defining the mission).

Goalsettings and milestones are established together.  Its implementation is safeguarded by our Counsellor, who takes on a steering role throughout the project. Alongside the project’s progress, regular follow-up meetings will determine whether additional obstacles may need to be removed to achieve the desired project outcome.

Quality is key

 Audit certified quality guaranteed 

Certified Members may differentiate themselves by using the Interim Management Quality Certification logo. Mentorprise is one of only 12 certified organisations in Belgium! Our organisation was audited by Lloyd’s Register on 4 phases.

A maximum of 4 points are awarded per phase. Where 1 point represents 'meets the basic requirements' and 4 points represents 'best practice'. Mentorprise can proudly state that we garantee the best practive on every phase. 

Description of the assignment / Briefing / Proposal
Defining Interim Management Profile / Selection / Shortlist
Commencement of the assignment / Induction / Action plan
Follow-up and support / Quality guarantees

Our purpose

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