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EQ-i 2.0 Masterclass

Masterclass EQ-i 2.0 “Emotional intelligence –  job skill of the future”

Hundreds of scientific researches from the 1980’s till present day prove it: the level of Emotional intelligence is a very important indicator of an employee’s performance rate and personal development potential. Whether you are at the verge of a Coaching process, a Development center or a recruitment procedure, our EQ-I 2.0 instrument allows you to acquire substantiated insights into someone’s level of emotional intelligence!

Recently, the renowned Forbes “Coaches Council” voted our EQ-i 2.0 instrument as one of the top Executive Assessments to get started. This is what they have to say:

“Emotional intelligence is a key indicator of leadership performance. And when leaders lead well, organizations do well. The EQ-i 2.0 is a valid and reliable tool that measures the way you perceive and express yourself, develop and maintain social relationships and cope with challenges. The clear measurements and guiding competencies make this tool a must-have in executive coaching engagements.”


  • Kick-off with a 2 hour webinar

  • EQ-i questionnaire for you to fill out

  • One on one feedback with your Trainer

  • Access to online EQ-i learn center

  • 2 days intensive in-class training

  • € 1.495 for the Masterclass

  • € 495 for the exam and certification

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“Comprehensive and scientifically based reporting, instantly at your fingertips”

Gain instant insight in EI, with 5 main-scales and 15 sub-scales

Create thorough leadership reports and learn how EI has impact on leadership effectiveness

The included action plan allows you to make substantiated, transparent and clear goal-settings

EQ-i 2.0 is the only scientific instrument that measures wellbeing as a separate scale

Use the EQ-i 2.0 science to create extensive 360 reporting

Benefits of the EQ-i 2.0 Masterclass for Organizations

  • Develop people managers who partner technical competence with real people skills

  • Add a scientific approach to your Assessment Centres and Development Centers

  • Proactively support your high potential employees through structured EQ-i development

  • Develop high-performing Managers and teams that deliver greater value

  • Enhance the quality and efficiency of your leaders

  • Introduce a lively and impactful Coaching Culture of which your organization can benefit

  • Address performance issues related to behaviour and operational performance

  • Remove silo working habits which have negative impact on operational effectiveness & results

Benefits of EQ-i 2.0 Masterclass for Trainers/Coaches

  • Certification a scientifically-validated EQ Assessment for the workplace

  • Access to an extensive library of information, articles and support materials about EQ-i 2.0

  • Positively and ethically differentiate yourself & your expertise from the masses

  • Deliver a measurable financial benefit for your clients or colleagues

  • Become a more credible & results-focused Executive/Leadership Coach

This Masterclass is given by EQ-i Lead Consultant Marleen Smekens. Having several EQ-i certifications (of which the first in 1999), Marleen is the reference regarding EQ-i knowledge in the Benelux and beyond. Thanks to her + 20 years of actual experience in Executive Search, Direct Search, Assessment Centers and Talent Management, theory and practicality come together as one in our EQ-i 2.0 Masterclass.

The dates of the first upcoming EQ-i 2.0 Masterclasses are:

Masterclass June: fully booked

Masterclass August: fully booked

Masterclass September:

  • 2020/09/10 – Online Webinar – 10h – 12h
  • 2020/09/15 – Masterclass 1.1 – 13h – 16h30
  • 2020/09/22 – Masterclass 1.2 – 13h – 16h30
  • 2020/09/24 – Masterclass 2.1 – 13h – 16h30
  • 2020/09/29 – Masterclass 2.2 – 13h – 16h30
  • This Masterclass is 100% online due to Covid-19
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